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Travels in India
Visit our sister website to check some details of travels
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Health & Well-being

Website links of places, practitioners and resources of help for health & well-being
Ganesh mantra, ganapati, Shri Ganeshaya Namah
Lord Ganesh resourceful and beautiful site, for mantras, prayers, slokas and many other information on Hinduism
Absolute Healing
Come to this Holistic haven in Newtown - an idyllic part of the country, bordering Meath and Kildare, 20min from Liffey Valley.
Come for workshops on Meditation, Reiki, Introductory courses in Reflexology, Australian Bush Flower Remedies, Crystals, and Numerology. Plus Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage, Angel Energy Healing and Aura-Soma are also offered on a one to one basis.

Travels in India

Web links of interest for India of when you intend to travel or planning for travel
Incredible India! India Government website
All you ever wanted to know about India and were afraid to ask! ....
Lonely Planet Forum
Some customers that travelled with us has mentioned our name in the Lonely Planet, you can check for Bhola Dutta ....
Flights in Real Time
Track flights in real time all over the world, from and to any destinations.
World Wide Weather check
Check in precise details what weather will be in your city or local area. Essential for market-ers....
Indian Embassies abroad
Check and procure your visa for travels to India
Tropical Medicine Bureau
Consult your local tropical medicine office before you travel - this is the Irish one
Currency Conversion
Check the conversion with your local currency if you intend to travel - including India!
Google Maps
Select your itinerary by browsing through India's map
Ever wanted to know the lyrics of songs?
Try some here

IT & Web matters

Resources on the web to enhance your website or analyse how you are doing
Website Statistics & Business Intelligence
Server hosting information service
Alexa The Web Information Company
Alexa is useful resource for people to discover information about websites. You can use Alexa to discover how popular a site is, to find new sites, to learn who owns a site and a lot more.
How much is my website worth?
A free web-based valuation service, providing website information, visitor statistics and an estimated website value.