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Ear candles

Ear Candles
Natural Ear Candles

Ear Candles

All Natural Hopi Ear Candles - €10.99 per pair
Handmade from beeswax and pure essential oils of lavender, melissa, sage and carrot these Hopi ear candles are consistently praised by practitioners for their quality, possibly the best around!

Ear Candles with built in filter and essential oils - €4.99 per pair
These ear candles are made of a 100% cotton with Essential Oils and unbleached beeswax. Length: 23cm - Approx Burning Time: 12 minutes
Available scents - please specify in your order, or one will be sent at random:
LAVENDER -good for relieving stress, nervous exhaustion, depression, insomnia, migraines/headaches and generally for calming down and relaxing the body.
EUCALYPTUS - said to reduce swelling in the mucus membranes along with focusing the mind and reducing inflammation.
ROSE - believed to sooth the mind and help with nervous tension, stress, depression, anger and other related conditions.

Ear protector disk - €0.75 for a pair - not in the photo

What do you need to carry out the Hopi Candling treatment?
  • Another person to perform the treatment
  • 1 - 2 pairs of Hopi Ear Candles and Ear Protector discs (optional)
  • Cloth or towel with a hole to protect the face and head
  • Glass of water to put the Candle out
  • Lighter
  • Cushion to rest on and a blanket to lie under to ensure comfort (optional)
  • Incense (optional)
  • Soft Music (optional)

How to use the Hopi Ear Candles safely and effectively
Turn the lights down or off and have incense burning in the room. Turn some soft music on and get ready to relax. Make sure you are lying on one side in a comfortable position resting your head on a pillow as you won’t be able to move for the next 10 - 15 minutes. You might also like to be covered by a blanket for warmth.
Your therapist/person performing the treatment should now place a towel over your face and hair leaving just your ear showing. The ear candle will be placed in your ear, starting with the healthier ear.
It is possible also to place a thin layer of cream around the end of the candle entering the ear, making it more comfortable and have a soft (outer) ear massage, to add to the experience.
Your therapist/person performing the treatment can now light the other end of the ear candle, holding it gently between two fingers, ensuring that it is not being deformed and that the flow of the air is not obstructed. The burning time is approx 10/12 minutes.
When the flame reaches the line, the therapist/person performing the treatment should remove it from the ear and place it in the glass of water, extinguishing the flame.
Before starting the treatment on the second ear, you should have a 10 minute break.
In case of any residue from the Hopi candle being left in the ear (on rare occasions and primarily with unfiltered candles), you should remove it carefully with a cotton bud making sure that you do not push anything further into the ear.

Over the 2 days following treatment you might find more wax being removed from the ear as the herbs and essential oils will continue to work.

When not to use Hopi Ear Candles / Trumpet Ear Candles
  • If you have grommets in place
  • If there is an inflammation or infection in the ear
  • If you have or have ever had an allergic reaction to any of the contents
  • If you have recently had ear surgery
  • If you have / suffer any of the following: Perforated eardrum or no eardrum, Ventilation tubes or auricular drains (paracentesis), auricular cysts, acute mastoiditis, Otosclerosis, Otospongiosis, ear tumours.

PLEASE NOTE: ear candling is not supposed to be used as an alternative to medical treatment, please consult your doctor before the treatment

Ear Candles

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